My First Time Acupuncture Experience!!!


I write my first-time DOKI DOKI acupuncture experience I had today. I was nervous and scared at first, but I was told by the doctor that the needle they use is thinner than my hair, so I told myself I can do this! and I survived.

First the doctor found the spots where I have pain and inserted the needles to my back and butt one by one. As he inserted the needles, some of the needles I could feel the tiny pinch, but some I felt nothing. Second, he brought the wires which connected to electricity and he told me that it will help my pain. I don't have too much pain anymore beside my tail bone, but I feel fragile to the place I had a strained back(ぎっくり腰), so I do whatever helps not to have that again, I just listened to him. The warm infrared light was making my back nice and warm, and at the same time the electricity were going through my body. It lasted for 15 minutes. It wasn't too bad.

After that, I had a massage. I will go back again and have a treatment till my back heals completely and I feel comfortable doing exercise. I want to start yoga again ;)

Take care of your body and don't get a strained back(ぎっくり腰)It's not pretty :(